SallyCH Kaiser's Annie Oakley JH

Sally, otherwise known as "white dog", finished with a 5 and 4 point major. She obtained her last major by going Best of Breed over specials. Sally is not only pretty to look at; she is a close working hunting dog. She is our meat dog! 

  • Cardiac GSP-CA37/43F/C-T (Normal)
  • Hips GSP-6576G24F-T (Good)
  • CERF: Tested Normal: 98
  • Genotypically clear of cone Degeneration CD209/161F-PI
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mandypupIABC Int. AKC CH Kaiser's Valley Girl

Mandy is our third generation shorthair and the first with a "Kaiser" sire and dam. Mandy thrilled us by going Best in Futurity at the 2001 nationals. She finished easily from the Bred by class. Mandy has a fluid side gait with lots of reach and drive. Her personality is wonderful and she is very fun to have around.


  • Hips: GSP-11341G55F-PI (Good)
  • CERF GSP-1314/2004
  • Cardiac: GSP-CA00150/12F/C-PI
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Kaiser's Little Frau-Lein CDX, JH, CGC

Bren2 Bren4 Brenpoint

Brennen was our first GSP and what a dog.  She was always calm and easy going in the house but knew when to turn it on.  This girl could hunt.  In the open ground, she would range out and cover the field.  When hunting grouse, in our Wisconsin woodlands, she would stay close.  

  • HIPS: GSP-3586G24F (Good)




CH Kaiser's Ruff N Ready MH, CDX, CGC

TroublePup Trouble troublepoint

Trouble was from our first litter so holds a special place in our hearts.  I always wonder how far this beautiful, intelligent shorthair would have gone with someone more experienced.  She taught us a great deal and accomplished a lot in spite of her novice owner and handler.  Trouble finished her Championship with three majors. 

  • Hips: GSP-4927G26F-T (Good) 
  • CERF Tested normal: 93/97
  • Cardiac: GSP-CA36/83F/C-T-ECHO (Normal)
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Simba Simba2

Simba was our first Rhodesian Ridgeback and she was a great dog.  Very much a couch potato she was wonderful to have around the house.  She was always a calming presence and is greatly missed.


Mowgli Mowglipup

Mowgli was our second Rhodesian. I always jokingly said if we would have had her first we would never have had two.  She was a bundle of energy, as a puppy and young dog.  Mowgli was always enthusiastic and had as much desire to please as any dog.

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